You can't see enough of the world,
so we're bringing the world to you.

See the world in a new way

Make a profile and immediately start exploring the world.
Pick a city and you'll see the top voted videos from that area.
Choose a video you're interested in and connect with the person behind it.
Return the favor and show the world your life by uploading your own video!

Highlight your life

Give a glimpse of your life, make it to your city's leaderboard, and show the world what your life's about.

Be Rewarded

If your content convinces someone to book a trip through our app, we'll reward you with a percentage of what we make!

Travel Anywhere

Zoom in on a part of the world and start exploring by picking experiences that you're interested in

Meet People

Take a step out of your comfort zone. Have conversations with new people and grow your social circle

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What We Believe In

Challenge the norms of social media and provide a global and engaging alternative.

We became tired of how much time was being wasted on existing social media platforms.
The digital bubble that we live in consumes so much of our time, yet we get so little value in return.
That's when we saw an opportunity.
We want to reverse the social complacency that our generation has grown into.
We want to blow away that bubble and give people an opportunity to really see the world.

That's what Glimpse is all about.

A social adventure designed to let you see the real world, connect with people, and widen your perspective.
An incredibly simple app allowing you to exchange authentic videos and text with new people in different areas of the world.
Pick a city you want to explore. Select a glimpse from that area. Get to know someone new.